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“Walk-In” Glass Repair Service

Since 1967 Nashua Glass has been offering a convenient walk-in drop off service for our local Nashuans and surrounding neighbors. A service that has been a well known staple in the community. Generation after generation, locals have been entrusting us with their repairs of broken or failed windows.

Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s)

Insulated Glass Units (IGU’s)

Has the glass in your windows or patio sliders become foggy?

Do you see a haze of moisture appearing between the panes of glass? The most likely cause is a broken or failed seal between the two panes of glass in the unit. This can be a common issue with Insulated Glass Units (IGU’S), this can make new windows appear worn. Fortunately, this problem can be solved by replacing just the glass, rather than the entire window. We can help you resolve this issue!

Vinyl Replacement Windows & New Construction

Whether it’s a brand new construction project, a commercial building, or replacing the windows in your home to make it more comfortable and energy efficient. We invite you to find the perfect window by browsing our supplier websites. You will see that there are many choices in both style and performance options.

We install:

  • Double Hung Windows
  • Casement Windows
  • Bay & Bow Windows
  • Picture Windows
  • Slider Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Hopper Windows
  • Garden Style Windows
  • New Construction

The Five Most Common Window Problems and Solutions

Do you have window problems? Need an easy fix or are you in need of professional help? Think you have a window problem but don’t really recognize the type of problem you have?

**See our list of the most common window problems, as well as some ways on how you can deal with them.

1.) Foggy Windows
Having foggy glass in your windows means that the insulated seal of your window has failed. This problem occurs when moisture enters at the point of seal failure and gets trapped in between the panes and condenses. Having this problem does not mean that you should replace the entire window. Sometimes, only the insulated glass unit (IGU) needs replacement.Solution: Remove the window sash and bring it to our shop. These can be easily ordered and replaced with a brand new made to order, warranted unit.

2.) Faulty Hardware
Are your glass windows starting to act up? If it does not stay open or will not open at all, there could be something wrong with your existing hardware. This might also be the case if your windows do not shut easily. Bear in mind that some mechanisms wear out through time. However, there are cases that a window is better off being replaced with a more energy efficient replacement due to its age and condition.Solution: Make sure that there is no debris building up in the window track. You should also clean the moving parts of your glass window and apply dry lubricant. If a sticky weather stripping makes it hard to open the sash, applying a dry lubricant helps. Just make sure that you do not use oil lubricant in the weather stripping because it will attract dust and dirt.

3.) Leaky Windows
Apart from not shutting easily, your windows not shutting tightly can also pose a problem. Do you see water in the window track when it rains? Does rainwater spill inside the house or business establishment during intense rains? The primary cause of this window problem might be your window not closing or sealing tightly.Solution: Make sure that the window track is free from debris or other elements preventing the glass window to shut tightly. If it does shut tight but there’s still water leaking, it might not be a problem with your window but with another issue such as your roof or siding.

4.) Drafty Windows
Due to normal wear and tear, your windows may start to become drafty. This is a sign that your weather stripping may be worn down and needs replacement. Weather stripping can be found around the window sash and on the window frames.Solution: If the weather stripping looks like it is deteriorating, it may need to be replaced. Fixing drafty windows can be a cost-effective option in making your existing windows less drafty and more energy-efficient lowering your energy costs.

5.) A Broken Window
Having a broken or cracked window not only poses a safety threat but could make your home or business a security risk and also more vulnerable to inclement weather and should be rectified as soon as possible.Solution: Fixing broken glass might be the easiest to fix among all window problems. You only need to replace the glass! We can help with that. If it’s just a single pane of glass (normally seen in older wooden windows or overhead garage door windows) you can measure it and call the size into our shop and we can cut it and then give you a call when it’s ready for pick up. If you are not a fan of DIY we can set up a service call to install it for you.

However, for insulated glass units (double pane windows), you may need several different measurements, as well as the type of glass. Your options would be to remove the sash yourself and bring it down to our shop and let us take all the required measurements for you or we can simply come to you!

Most of the window problems we have mentioned can be dealt with on your own. However, if you have troubleshooted these options and still cannot find a solution, please give us a call at 603-882-0648 or visit our contact page.