“Walk-In” Screen Repair Service

Since 1967 Nashua Glass has been offering a convenient walk-in drop off service for our local Nashuans and surrounding neighbors. A service that has been a well known staple in the community. Generation after generation, locals have been entrusting us with their repairs of their damaged worn screens and the fabrication of new screens.

Screen Repair & Fabrication

We can’t tell you how many times we have heard it….

My dog charged right through my patio screen slider during a thunderstorm or my cats keep clawing at my window screens. Whatever the cause may be….not to worry, you have come to the right place! We stock several different options of screening, including the ever popular…Pet Screening!

Below are the types of screening we carry along with a brief description:

  • Fiberglass –inexpensive, won’t dent, standard for most windows
  • Aluminum – Resists damage from sun, durable, however can dent and is not recommended for coastal regions
  • No See-Um – Finer mesh, with smaller openings to keep out small insects
  • Clearview – Fiberglass screen designed to be less visible by using a finer gauge wire mesh
  • Pet Screening – Paw proof, nylon based with plastic coating. Rip and tear resistant, will keep pets in and pests out
  • Sunshade Screening – Blocks up to 70% of UV rays. Also known as privacy screening, as it prevents neighbors seeing in, while still allowing visibility to the outside

There are also times when your screen may be damaged beyond repair or you have a screen that is completely missing, in that case we could fabricate a brand new screen for you.

Got Measurements?

Wondering what it will cost?

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Porch Enclosures

Extend the summer season and create extra living space all while increasing the value of your home!

Sounds good to us! Let us help you create a porch enclosure that you will enjoy not only in the summer, but in the spring and fall too. When the temperatures drop, you can have the ability to swap out those screens with tempered glass inserts and have the luxury of enjoying your porch enclosure for a full 3 seasons!

Storm Panel Options

  • Tempered Glass or Plexiglass
  • Framing available in white or bronze
  • Customizable Sizes

Options available: Sliding, Double Hung, Stationary, Removable

***We can also supply and install storm doors within your enclosure! We offer a variety of door options to suit your individual style.

So whether you want to practice your yoga, read a good book or play a board game with your family, an enclosed porch can make a great addition to your home! Give us a call today at 603-882-0648.