“We are strong believers in the support of local business”

Here at Nashua Glass, “our customers ARE our business.” It’s always been about building relationships.   We want our customers to experience that “good feeling” you have when you know your project is going to be done …and done right.  We want our customers and fellow local business owners to know that they can trust us in every aspect, from providing them with an honest quote all the way to the completion of their project.  We just treat people the way we want to be treated.  It’s that simple. We look forward to many more years of providing quality service to our customers… past, present and future.

Our Team

What can we say? They are just awesome. We never use subcontractors. Our team works for us and is trained by us. Our employees have over 100 years combined experience. With a mixture of seasoned and newcomers, we are so proud of the service they provide here at Nashua Glass and we are especially proud of their exceptional work and dedication. It’s what has helped make Nashua Glass so successful!

Our History

Since 1967, Nashua Glass has been serving generations of Nashuans and the surrounding neighbors with exceptional service and commitment. Over the years, Nashua Glass has grown to become a well known staple in the Nashua community, serving thousands of homeowners and local businesses. Building trusting relationships with our community has been paramount in our success and is the reason why 70% of our business comes from repeat customers and referrals.

The Real History: Some Nostalgia for our Ol’ Timers!

Some of you old timers may remember back in the 1940’s when our building used to be a grain store (Kashuline’s?) with Boston and Maine railroad tracks running by. Boxcars used to be parked at the loading dock, where it’s now used to load and unload our glass deliveries. Chestnut St, yes, had Chestnut trees and both Chestnut and Lake Street were paved with cobblestones.

Back then, the population was only about 20,000 and everyone knew their neighbors. There were Mom and Pop grocery stores, cobblers, tailors, barbers, and beauty shops, this was before the big stores came to town. We’ve heard stories of the “Rag Man” coming up the street, ever so slowly with his aged horse clopping on the cobblestones. He would call out “rags, rags” as he came by and everyone would give him their rags without him having to stop. Neighborhood kids would actually play together and the St. Louis Church bells would ring on the hour, so all the kids knew when to be home for lunch, supper and Ma’s curfew. The radio and local movie houses were the entertainment. This was prior to tv and phones in most homes.

It was a peaceful time then, one that we wish we knew. It was a good time to grow up in Nashua, a friendly neighborhood and town. No one locked their doors, ever. No fear or threat from crime or terrorists. A truly wonderful idyllic era, a time lost, one that most of us and our children will never know.

Credit – Louise E. Desclos

We believe in giving back. 🇺🇸

In an attempt to thank all our Veterans who sacrificed for our safety and freedom, we would like to offer a 10% discount for any glass and screen repair services (must show veteran or military ID card). Thank you Vets!!

We are honored to help the community and those outside the community who are in need. Nashua Glass has donated to many local and national charities and organizations, some of which include:

NH Vets, Nashua PAL, Stand Up To Cancer, Nashua Police, LymeDisease.org, Breast Cancer Survivors Foundation, Lucky Dog/Tails to Freedom and many local and school fundraising organizations.


Best of Greater Nashua
Best of Greater Nashua
Best of Greater Nashua
Best of Greater Nashua

At Nashua Glass, integrity isn’t just a buzzword. It’s what we do.